Greek Licensing FAQs

Q. What is a Licensed Vendor? 
Licensed Vendors are vendors who have permission to use Alpha Phi's trademarks.  Licensed Vendors do not approve any products that attempt to glorify alcohol, hazing, racism, sexism, or any other image or design that is offensive or hurtful to others. 

Q: What is licensing and why do we do it? 
As an owner of various trademarks, which include our Greek letters, name, and other insignia Alpha Phi has a legal obligation to control the use of our marks. In order to claim exclusive rights to these marks we must regulate their use, not only when we are opposed to the products and designs, but also when the products and designs are of high quality and truly reflective of our values. This obligation is fulfilled through our licensing program. Our partner in this effort is a company called Affinity Marketing Consultants (AMC). 
Q: What can I do to help protect Alpha Phi's brand and image?
Understand the importance of licensing and shop only from licensed vendors. AMC is busy putting together a growing network of socially responsible vendor companies for you to choose from. A complete list of the 400+ vendors (which continues to grow each month) is available at

Q. How do I know if a company is licensed? 
Simple! Just look for this logo: 

 GLPLOGO (250x250).jpg

Q. What do we do when we want to order from a company that isn't licensed? 
Contact Melissa Jean-Baptiste at She can start the vendor on the licensing process or she can work with you to offer that vendor a one-time licensing agreement, valid for approximately 30 days, to complete specific projects. 

Q. Has the diversity of products decreased as a result of licensing? 
No, members continue to select from a wide variety of products, ranging from lamps to baby clothes- and yes, of course custom designed t-shirts.

Q. What are my options for ordering products through a Greek Licensed Vendor?
Ordering options vary based on the vendor. Some vendors only fulfill bulk orders, some provide one-off custom-designs and many do both. Your best bet is to check with the vendor by visiting the company website or contacting the vendor directly. If you have any issues while working with a Greek Licensed Vendor, please contact Alpha Phi's marketing department by emailing 

Q. I found an item I like on the Alpha Phi boutique. What do I do next?
The Alpha Phi boutique is here to provide you with a wide range of product options from a variety of vendors. All orders are placed directly through the websites of our Greek Licensed Vendors and shipped from their respective locations.While we are marketing these products on behalf of our Greek Licensed Vendors, we do not keep any of these products in stock at the Executive OfficeIf you have questions regarding the status of your order, you should contact the vendor directly, as the Executive Office will have no details on your order. 

Little Known Facts 
  • Trademarks are exclusive property of any organization and should be reflected in all documents and communication. 
  • Many people believe that licensing will limit their members. In fact, there are key NPC groups that currently have all the "licensing" programs in place but do not enforce their rights or the appropriateness of the products, which can be very harmful to the rest of the Greek organizations. For example, there are Greek group t-shirts out there with images reflecting or alluding to alcohol/drug usage that may actually hurt us because it can and usually does raise our insurance rates.
  • Greek manufacturers have been and are attempting to take away Greek trademark rights. These groups claim there is no consumer confusion because Greek groups gave up our marks by abandonment and for failure to control. Their claims have no legal basis as their arguments rely heavily on one legal agreement made between two private parties in 1969.
  •  In one civil suit filed by a Greek manufacturer against one particular NIC organization, the Greek manufacturer argued that individual chapter members can license or authorize the use on behalf of the organization. Members DO NOT have the right to authorize use of insignia on behalf of the organization. 
  • Chapters and members are licensees who are granted permission by the IEB or its designee to use the insignia pending they follow certain requirements to remain a chapter or members in good standing. Individual chapters and members have limited rights to use trademarks with the approval of the IEB or its designees. Individual chapters and members do not have the rights to allow non-licensed vendors to use Alpha Phi's trademarks on behalf of the entire organization without the approval of the IEB or its designees. 

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